Major collections

  • Hudleston Collection, Royal Irish Academy of Music


Royal Irish Academy of Music, Dublin

  • Hudleston Collection
    • A private collection of music for solo guitar and guitar with voice and/or ensemble. This comprises the works of 19th century guitar composers, mainly first editions. It includes some guitar tutors, as well as tutors for other instruments. There are also arrangements by Hudleston in manuscript form.

    • "The size of this collection is rather astonishing: there are 1018 prints (the catalogue contains over 1500 entries once the individual works in anthologies are included), and there are at least 800 works in manuscript. More astonishing than this is that the entire collection was that of one man, Josiah Andrew Hudleston. This makes the Hudleston Collection of Guitar Music in the Royal Irish Academy of Music one of the largest intact collections in the world. It is larger than the Rischel & Birket-Smith collection in the Royal Library in Copenhagen, and it is at least as large as the Krick collection in Washington University. Although it is only one fifth of the size of the Olcott-Bickford collection in California State University, there is another aspect of the Hudleston collection which makes it just as significant. Whereas all of these other collections were assembled by people well after the music they were collecting was composed and published, Hudleston was a contemporary of all of the composers represented in his collection."

    Michael McCartney, cataloger