Major collections

  • Fryklund Collection, Music Library of Sweden
  • Boije Collection, Music Library of Sweden
  • Kenneth Sparr Collection, Nynäshamn


The Music Library of Sweden, Stockholm

  • The Fryklund Collection, bequest in 1965
    • The large collection of Daniel Fryklund is split between the Library and the Stockholm Music Museum(part of the same organization). The Library owns his somewhat eclectic collection of music: from 16th-century prints, album leaves in the hands of numerous composers, and an extensive collection of printed guitar music from the early 19th century.

  • The Boije Collection, donated in 1924
    • Guitar music in printed editions from the early 19th century and mss. (e.g., autographs by Johann Kaspar Mertz). Together with the Fryklund collection it forms a substantial body of such music, nicely complemented by the Rischel och Birket-Smith collections in the Royal Library in Copenhagen.
    • The manuscript of the original accession register for the Boije Collection will be put online sometime in the future.

Music for the Guitar in the Collection of Kenneth Sparr
Nynäshamn, Sweden

"This part of the collection consists of works for the guitar published or written before c. 1900. There are also a few works with other instrumentation and the reason for including them is that their composer also composed for the guitar or have some other connection with the guitar. The collection has been built during the last 20 years and the works have been acquired from many different sources: antiquarian book sellers from all over the world, junk shops, private persons, through Internet etc. An important acquisition was the collection of music from the Skottorp castle in Halland, Sweden, which contained more than 50 early prints for the guitar."